800-506FC UV Alkoxy Dual Cure Sprayable Silicone

800-506FC UV Alkoxy Dual Cure Sprayable Silicone

800-506FC is a UV curable silicone sprayable conformal coating, pottant, or sealant. 800-506FC has a secondary, neutral alkoxy moisture cure for enhanced adhesion and shadow cure. This non-corrosive, single component silicone will cure to a solid elastomer in seconds upon exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. With a viscosity of 1,000 cPs, 800-506FC is easily applied using standard PCB spray coating equipment and will UV cure to a depth of 5mm in a single pass.

The next generation of Novagard UV/dual cure silicone conformal coatings cures tack free in a fraction of the time needed for traditional conformal coatings. After the initial UV cure, the secondary, ambient cure enhances adhesion and ensures no unreacted coating remains in shadow areas. Offering a faster, more reliable cure, our 800 series of products is an attractive alternative to solvent-based solutions.

Utilizing our Fast Cure technology, 800-506FC has a secondary moisture cure that begins in roughly 30 minutes and can develop full adhesion in hours.

    Product information:

    • Room temperature cure
    • Standard UV tracer for quality control
    • No oxygen inhibition
    • 100% solids
    • No solvents
    • Thermally stable from -40°C to 200°C
    • Excellent adhesion to a variety of plastic and metal substrates, including FR-4, copper, aluminum, and PET
    • Electronics grade

    800-506FC can be applied by spray coating, automated needle dispense, jetting, hand dispense, flow coating, or brushing.

    An exceptionally fast cure, 800-506FC provides stress and shock relief, and is ideal for:

    • Printed circuit/wiring boards
    • Flexible hybrid electronics
    • Rigid electronics
    • Sensitive components and harsh environments
    • Conformal coating, sealing, and potting



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