200-202 Oxime-cure Flowable Silicone

200-202 Oxime-cure Flowable Silicone

200-202 is a single-component, oxime-cure silicone for use in applications where the coating needs to flow into small crevices and hard to reach areas. Coating intricate electrical and mechanical devices, insulating electrical terminals, and thin section potting are a few of the many applications in which our 200 Series products may be used. These products have good adhesion to most common substrates, and will not corrode aluminum, copper, and ferrous metals (with adequate ventilation).

  • Utilizes a moisture cure system at room temperature to result in a tough, resilient, silicone rubber
  • Retain enough thixotropy to prevent leakage during the cure cycle
  • Superior UV resistance

200-202 has a viscosity of 20,000 – 35,000 cPs and skins over in zero – 20 minutes. A conformal coating, 200-202 is preferable to paste-consistency products where flow coating is the chosen application method and when flow into small crevices and hard-to-reach places is desired.

Product information:

Ready-to-use, 200-202 is an oxime-cured silicone used for general industrial sealing and bonding applications requiring a flowable product.

  • Unprimed adhesion to a variety of industrial substrates
  • Low odor and solvent-free with no isocyanates
  • Excellent adhesion


  • Pin/solder joint coverage
  • Thin section encapsulation
  • Sealing and bonding applications where low viscosity and self-leveling properties are required

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