400-195 Fast Cure Oxime-cure Silicone Paste

400-195 Fast Cure Oxime-cure Silicone Paste

400-195 is a non-flowable, non-sagging paste product that provides a fast tack free time and high green strength. 400-195 is one of our single-component, moisture-curing silicone pastes that cures to a low to medium modulus, rubber-like solid. This smooth paste is ideal for applications that require superior bond strength and moisture resistance. The cure mechanism is neutral (oxime), curing on exposure to moisture in room temperature air. It is non-corrosive to metal substrates such as copper, aluminum, and ferrous metals (with adequate ventilation), and offers excellent adhesion to numerous substrates including metals and plastics.

This ready-to-use adhesive sealant skins over in 4 – 7 minutes, and has a tensile strength of 150 – 180 psi after fully cured. The fast tack and early strength combine to hold the assembly together as the unit moves from station to station. Novagard fast cure products outperform slower materials in multi-step assembly applications.

Product information:

Specially formulated to retain its physical properties even during service in extreme environmental conditions, 400-195 offers outstanding resistance to gasoline, brake fluid, antifreeze, and most wheel cleaners. Meets specifications for GM 9985557 and GMW18180.


  • Component assembly
  • Component staking
  • Formed-in-place gaskets

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