500-228 Electronics-grade Tough Gel Pottant and Encapsulant Silicone (1-part sealant)

500-228 Electronics-grade Tough Gel Pottant and Encapsulant Silicone (1-part sealant)

500-228 cures to a tough, strong, resilient gel to provide protection from both physical damage and mechanical stress and strain relief in addition to great dielectric properties. Ideal for potting and encapsulating electronics that will be subject to environmental exposure and physical impact, this non-hazardous elastomeric enhances reliability through physical protection, vibration damping and stress relief. As one of our 500 Series Electronics-grade silicones, 500-228 is a neutral cure (alkoxy) sealant suitable application via needle dispensing, pouring, or flow coating. It’s a ready-to-use, room temperature moisture cured silicone that provides superior mechanical and electrical protection for potted components. When a non-corrosive product is required, this is an alternate unprimed adhesive solution that:

  • Provides a barrier to protect against physical impact, moisture, and dust
  • Helps dampen vibrations

A pourable/flowable translucent liquid, 500-228 has a viscosity of ~ 7,500 cPs and begins to gel in fewer than 15 minutes.

    Product information:

    Novagard’s 500 series moisture-cure conformal coatings and sealants achieve primer-less adhesion to electronics substrates such as FR4, plastic, copper, and other metals. The inside-out cure provides longer working times and low odor, and are free of solvents with no isocyanates.

    Certain materials, chemicals, curing agents, and plasticizers may inhibit the cure. The most notable are organotin catalysts, amino compounds, polysulfide, and other sulfur-containing materials. Do not use in or around highly oxidative chemicals such as liquid oxygen, chlorine, or peroxides. Not recommended for surfaces that are to be painted.


    • Frame and junction box sealant in photovoltaic modules
    • Potting of sensitive electronic components and circuit boards
    • Thin-section encapsulation
    • General electronics/industrial potting applications requiring a very soft, non- corrosive product

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