60-A Automotive PVC Foam

60-A Automotive PVC Foam

60-A is a soft, low density, closed cell PVC foam requiring minimal compression so it easily fills large voids and variable gaps. It is designed for applications requiring both strength and flexibility, and remains pliable at temperatures of -30°C to 78°C (-22°F to 172°F).

An automotive grade PVC foam, 60-A is durable and conforms to multiple automotive material specifications including:

  • GMW 15473 Type II, Class II (both interior and exterior* applications) (supersedes GM6086)
  • GMW 17408 Type II, Class II (both interior and external applications)
  • Ford ESB-M3G102-A
  • Chrysler MSAY-500 Type III

All Foam Seal Automotive PVC foams are sulphur free, low VOC, and resistant to UV, petroleum, & cleaning solutions.

We manufacture to your specifications. 60-A is available in 1/16” to 1” gauges, and has a shelf life of 6 months with adhesive and 2 years without adhesive when stored at or below 75°F.


  • Bodyside mirror attachment
  • Mirror heater
  • Dashboard (reduce noises such as buzz, rattles, or squeaks)
  • HVAC ducting (seal joints, reduce vibration)
  • Quarter window seals
  • Spoiler
  • Tail lights and head lamps
  • CHMSL gaskets
  • Pillars
  • Door handle protectors
  • Waist line moldings
  • Sun/Moon roof

*Exterior applications not exposed to direct UV sunlight.